Our Star & Gateway funded programmes are designed for Year 11 – 13 secondary school Hand pluck possums for possum fur recovery (Level 2, 2 credits). Possum fur is mixed with merino . Commercial ≈ Less suited to fur recovery unless plucking machine used. For up to date information on current prices contact your local agent ,or contact head office Raw Possum Skin prices for the 2015 season are unchanged from the 2014 season and range from $8 to $20. Got it  3 Dec 2017 Basically Bush supply wild high-quality possum pelts to New Zealand and the world. The yarn that results is super soft, resists pilling, has a slight halo, and has wonderful heat retention qualities. Mar 29, 2019 · Fur pelts may seem difficult to sew together, but it is easier than you might think. The fur measures about two and one-half inches in length. Slouch styles include the accent or opito. Run by Marty Taylor of Northland's Papa Taiao Earthcare, Project Possum aims to get students and teachers Basically a Fur Trade"SKIN THE BEST and PLUCK THE REST" Wed, 2009-12-09 13:24 — Tigerquoll On New Zealand's North Island at the Bay of Plenty, another backyard possum fur trader, BASICALLY BUSH , runs a thriving business slaughtering Brushtail Possum for profit. Sue and I left the maddening crowd three years go and live life on the road in our house truck. Fisher fur varies from grayish brown to nearly black. I had to chop it up and nail-plate it back together a few times before it stopped spewing possum fur all over my shed, and into the catch bag (bag = modified old whitebait net). Prime #1 Quality Northern Opossum. The Fur Council has estimated that it takes 1800 possums to get one kilogram May 25, 2011 · skidder you will find it takes longer to shave a cold possum than it does to pluck a warm one. This whole range is made with 40% possum, 50% merino and 10% nylon. While exports of possum skins for 2002 totalled only $500,000, possum fur, spun way to obtain the fibre, Steve tells me, is to pluck a still-warm animal by hand. There is no need to over lather, just a small amount of detergent is needed. Two rubber blades attached to a spinning shaft grab the fur, pulling it cleanly out from the carcass. nz or fill out our on line contact form. This is due to market conditions and is mainly influenced by supply and demand. Sep 27, 2017 · Paula recommends brushing the fur with a metal tine brush, stressing that you really don’t need to wash the fur prior to spinning it. The students also keep journals to record their experiences. Maybe it's time that changed. Because we individually make each pair, we can make them to fit any special requirements i. Price$20. Machine pluck possums for possum fur recovery. 1 Apr 2015 I have been taking all the fur off the back of the possums, a tad off the I hand pluck my opossums I get and it takes about 20 I think to get a kg I  20 May 2008 Hand pluck possums for possum fur recovery. 2 Possum fur is stripped at the optimal time following death of the possum. Apr 18, 2018 · Possum fur is a natural product that comes from renewable resources, and with an estimated 70 million possums in New Zealand, there’s plenty to go around. Hand pluck possums for possum fur recovery. He used to hand pluck them but now he has a plucking machine which turns possums bald in seconds. We are in the market for Possum skins as  WHERE DOES OUR POSSUM WOOL COME FROM? The brushtail possum fur we source for our premium possum and merino blends, and luxury possum and  3 May 2019 We pluck the Possum fur which is soft and warm. We also supply products for possum hunting. I pluck only the longer fur. it takes me less than a minute to pluck one. Everyone plucks the belly fur as well mate. They used them to learn how to skin possums and pluck their fur, by hand and mechanically. But there is little point in skinning a possum with a small or damaged pelt. 3 Possum is held for stripping in a manner which enables efficient stripping, and About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators Hand Plucking: This method is suitable for possums that have been live trapped or shot as they must be plucked when the carcass is still warm. Machine Plucked Possum Fur, Hand  2 Aug 2016 Bracegirdle said hand plucked fur was worth more than fur plucked with a machine. Possum skins can be used to make clothing and bedding. Possum, Hare, Rabbit, Turkey and Venison Carcasses Wanted. Consent & Moderation Requirements: CMR 52 Standard-setting body: Primary Industry Training Organisation Sep 02, 2016 · I trap, all possums caught are visually assessed for pelt quality. Possum Fur Mimi Coat From Our merino possum knitwear & clothing is made from a blend of superfine New Zealand Merino wool and Possum fur. Please check out my other possuming  Possum fur is carded together with merino wool and then spun into yarn for knitting. Possums were introduced to New Zealand 150 years ago to provide the base for a fur industry. Faux fur or fake fur is a material made of synthetic fibers designed to resemble fur, normally as part of a piece of clothing. "It's an awful lot of possums to knock over and we will be My take on it would be to use small a petrol blower, converted to suck so it can pluck a possum, may have to slow the drum speed, you don`t want to mince one, rubber calve teats on the drum and keep the outlet tube so all the fur can go straight in to your pack. Consent & Moderation Requirements: CMR 52 Standard-setting body: Primary Industry Training Organisation Possum Divide Ltd, Katikati. Price list for skin buying of green or dry possum skins We are fur buying agents for The Possum People and other NZ manufacturers of Possum / Marino blend garments and accessories, as well as export to international manufacturers. 00. It is hard work plucking a cold possum. Finding a small animal latching on to your beloved pet's back might seem like a scary scenario at first glance, but sometimes it can be a rather wholesome moment. com; Home; About Us; Services. Possums can spend several hours in the trap with leg-injuries. How to set traps, make lure, kill a possum and much more Sue and I left the maddening crowd three years go and live life on the road in our house truck. As in the case of Sally Watkinson who discovered a baby Australian ringtail possum clinging for dear life to her puli dog's back. Fur is best plucked dry, but if the possum is wet the When plucking the fur off a possum the fur needs to be at least 2 cm long. Dawson Furs 07 3082461 sell the slipe. Possum meat is marketed as pet food. 30 Aug 2016 Tutorial on how to pluck possums using a Mciver backpack plucker. “I didn’t wash the bunny fur for a couple of reasons. New Zealand owned manufacturer and retailer. A lure is painted on the trunk a hammer’s length above it to encourage the curious possum to stretch up and sniff it, tripping the trap. 1 Possums are destroyed humanely in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act 1999, and organisational procedures. Hard Deer Antler Wanted May 29, 2014 · Why the pluck would you want to pluck a possum when your sister is home tonight? Oh PLuck. Buyers make shitloads more just handling the fur and don't have to get dirty doing it. Use 1 1/2'' or 40mm long steel nails not galvanised in the middle of the strip 1 1/2'' apart. Only invented twenty five years ago, it is a mixture of incredibly warm, soft possum fur with fine New Zealand merino wool. The most common method of dog grooming is clipping, this method involves the use of a pair of electric clippers which cut or shave the top layer of hair on a dog’s coat. 2 Possums are machine plucked in a systematic, methodical and timely manner, removing all fur which is acceptable to the buyer, and in accordance with People credited with this unit standard are able to: hand pluck possums for possum fur recovery; and store possum fur, dispose of possum carcasses, and maintain records. 2 Sep 2016 tunity, the possum was protected for a time before commercial trapping was allowed. It is used mainly for muffs and neck, shoulder pieces. Possum trapping in New Zealand. Most likely time of year mate. Hand pluck possums for possum fur recovery: 2 Credits 20795: Unit: Machine pluck possums for possum fur recovery: 2 Credits Jun 30, 2000 · It takes 10 to 15 possums to make 1kg of fur. I'll either pluck the fur from the still warm carcass or leave it hanging to fully operational with 100 traps set, I can't 17 Jun 2020 Pre-plucked fur is accepted and goes in the competition for most hand plucked fur. It takes about 18 Sue and I left the maddening crowd three years go and live life on the road in our house truck. Students learn about the biology and impact of animal pests and are shown how to trap and kill them humanely, and how to skin possums and machine and hand pluck their fur. 2. I figure they're at least worth plucking, but seems you'd have to do that while hunting, when the possums still warm. So theoretically, if you found 20 big, good condition possums, you can get 400-700. Getting the fur off the possum is a challenge. After well over 1000 possums the conveyor belt is barely worn. Dawson Furs Ltd. Gina at the unveiling of the Treaty Possum Skin Cloak 11 Sue and I left the maddening crowd three years go and live life on the road in our house truck. Weighing just under 10 kg, these petrol-powered machines can be carried through the bush, and remove the fur from a possum in 40 seconds. Traps are stapled to the base of trees. Machine Plucked Possum Fur, Hand Plucked Possum Fur. Possumdown only uses hand plucked possum fur to select the strongest   Possum are a pelt animal with fiber plucked off of the pelts of the animal or sometimes sheared from the pelts. Leather gloves are nice to have on hand to. Phone: 602-282-1547; info@bestjanitorialservices. When possum pelts are properly handled, the fur can be successfully spun with merino wool. Pluck all except  local economy. Jun 14, 2010 · I suppose he finds that plucking the fur from a Timm's -killed possum is difficult because it is likely that the possum will be cold when he gets to it. Credits. If gentle plucking does not extract the hair easily, either leave the coat for a few months and try again, or consider using an alternative method of grooming. As is my habit, I plucked the longer fur from the possum in case someone in my family wants to sell it. You can sew fur pelts together by hand or using a sewing machine. They had lectures from Papa Taiao instructors, DOC officers and National Trade Academy on various New Zealand possum merino is the answer. Check our prices the best money. For hand washing rinse using warm water and an approved wool detergent. Performance criteria 1. The nails on each end of the strip should be about 3/4'' from the top and bottom of the frame. Compared to the uncertain fate of a released adolescent hand reared possum it is assumed that once the possum baby has been taken back by its mother there is a very Dec 14, 2013 · For those wanting to make their own use 1 1/2'' wide by 3/4'' thick treated pine for the length sides. Current as at 16/1/2021 Hand Plucked Possum Fur Wanted. Her photographs document the art of possum skin cloaks, whose panels chronicle a lifetime of stories and experiences. Using a blend of merino wool, possum fur, and silk yarn – you get a luxuriously soft material that has some incredible properties. As part of the best practice learning during the two-day skills course, tutors start with the life of the pests, establishing the creatures as living, breathing animals Real Opossum Fur Pelts and Hides For Sale. During these trying and uncertain times, if you want to turn pest control into a bit of extra cash there is of course the option to pluck possum fur to sell. It’s important to trap possums live as it’s much easier to pluck the fur from a freshly killed one than one that’s dead and cold. Purpose. Possum Fur Stone Age Vest From NZD $999. If he set snares on ground runs he would have a lot more live (warm) possums when he got to them. May 18, 2016 · With an estimated 30 million possums in New Zealand, fur from wild-caught possum has been used in clothing since 1996. The woman shared this incident on her Facebook page by posting a set of pictures showing the cutest Oct 26, 2016 · The energy of the blow is transferred to the unfortunate possum's skull over a relatively small area compared to the club, so the blow is not cushioned. Coco’s in the house and she’s very clean. It is very effective. Mostly I will hang the possum up on a branch to pluck it. ✘ Not suitable for fur. e. Basically Bush supply wild high-quality possum pelts to New Zealand and the world. Robin & Lisa have been involved in the Possum Harvesting industry for the past 30 years and are one of the first Agents contracted to buy possum fur when it first became a resource. Possums will have better coats in another month. large feet, one foot bigger/broader than the other etc. Mr Woodward said harvesting was not straightforward, because possums were best plucked freshly killed when the plucking had to be done by hand. People credited with this unit standard are able to: hand pluck possums for possum fur recovery; and store possum fur, dispose of possum carcasses, and maintain records. · Bracegirdle said possums killed with 1080 couldn't be sold to  My buyers take all hand plucked fur at $135 . Possums and  4 Dec 2015 John Kelly is expanding his Tasmanian possum fur business (Rose The brushtail possums are harvested under permit, and their soft pelts are plucked, An illustration depicting hands putting pieces of a puzzle together This has helped to reduce the population of possums and their environmental impact. I average 13 Haast possums to kg. And where I can, I hang a plastic supermarket bag up alongside me to take the fur. Never mind. Hagan preparing a possum skin for drying Dawson Furs manufacture portable possum fur pluckers. Plucking/skinning? Basically, you want to skin them unless they are really small or really scarred/scratched up. Subfield Agriculture Domain General Agriculture Status Registered Status date 26 July 2004 Date version published 20 May 2008 Planned review date 31 December 2010 The safest way (in my opinion) to pick up a possum, is to place a blanket or coat or something similar over it and then scoop the animal up, and place him in a box or some kind of carrier until you can transport him to where he needs to go. Pelts are marketed as an alternative to other furs and used to make scarves and throws. Our years of experience, combined with the relationships we have made within the Fur Trading industry, allow us to offer you a great product at a great price. Possums may be hand plucked – No tail fur. Colder areas do better on average as well. Possum Fur Hand-Painted Vest From NZD $850. Pluck the whole bloody thing. Plucking. Level. Some traders do not appreciate the belly fur, so this is not even bothered with. Rucka Plucka, 6. Once the possum is dispatched, a well aimed whack with a hammer, I’ll either pluck the fur from the still warm carcass or leave it hanging to cool enough so I can skin it without damage to the pelt, often this is the next day, weather permitting. Jul 05, 2020 · Planning to do a possum roundup with a mate, last time we bagged 10 without even trying and threw the possums away not realizing how easy they are to pluck. Kentucky residents who have no fridge can use an ice chest and may use radiator coolant instead of soy sauce. Fur prices do change during the season. . I did grind it square again though to give it a good edge (matters!) I made my mockup out of ply, luckily. Commercial Cleaning Services; Construction Cleaning Services Boil the possum for 3 minutes to loosen the fur then skin and gut it. Or phone (07) 308 2461. Hand-plucked Southland brown, A-Grade. Fisher. net. For all information to become a registered supplier of carcasses email - dawsonfurs@callplus. 5hp 4-stroke fur plucker, 4blades with 187 strikes a second you get all the fur, new product 12 month warranty POSSUM PEOPLE New Zealand - About Us - Possum Fur Home Decor, Fur Throws, Fur Cushions, Luxury Knitwear clothing socks hats, Fur scarves hats accessories. With plucked fur dropping to $90 per kg and hand plucked $98 youare best hand plucking or sliping. This keeps it nice and clean. The difference between clipping and hand-stripping is that not only is hand-stripping done by hand, but it removes coat from the root (not just the top layer) so a new coat is able to grow in. Mar 30, 2020 · When deciding whether a coat is suitable for stripping or plucking for the first time, try pulling a few hairs with your finger tips. Gently  Possum merino is a luxurious and distinctive New Zealand yarn made from blending two of nature's finest fibres, hand selected possum fur and superfine,  If you have just being plucking the fur please look at skinning your good possum skins and supplying our tannery. 656 likes · 2 talking about this. You can get 20-35 bucks for a good skin, but it takes 20 or so possums to make a kilo of plucked fur. if there cold you can use a possum plucking machine or use a chemical for "slipping" the fur off tho using both these methods will cost you more and you will get less for the fur as a machine will brake the Possum Merino, on the other hand, is a mix of possum fur and merino wool, both of which are found in New Zealand in abundance (more on this later). There can not be much done to reduce the loss of young possums but the findings presented above will probably shed light on an interesting aspect of possum behaviour. Soft like cashmere and 50% warmer than Merino alone. Aug 11, 2016 · The target haul this year of possum fur from agents contracted to Basically Bush is 70 tonnes, up from 50 tonnes last year, he said. If you have just being plucking the fur please look at skinning your good possum skins and supplying our tannery. Hand plucking is the best way to avoid destroying the buoyancy of the hollow fur shafts. After the possum has been hit on the head with a hammer and a knife put through its heart, the fur is much more easily released from the body. One way is to hand-pluck the possum while it is still warm and another is to remove the fur from the skin with chemicals. Performance criteria 2. In comparison, fake fur is made from petroleum-based products derived from non-renewable resources. are committed to manufacturing good quality, New Zealand made products sourced from New Zealand Possum Fur. The McIver Bench Top possum plucker is field proven to pluck fur - warm or cold - quickly, cleanly and efficiently every time. By connecting a few large pelts or several smaller pelts, you can make an attractive fur throw or rug. Fur is  15 Jul 2018 Looking for autoplay? Choose whether videos automatically play next. If you kill a possum you can pluck the fur off it just like plucking a chicken. Their fiber is most often blended with cashmere or  NZGK Possum Fibre - possum fibre and carded possum fibre for spinners and fibre artists. Possum fur mixed with merino wool is a unique New Zealand product, and, as First and foremost for hand knitters, it is the feel and performance of the yarn and final products that 10%) and plucking the fur of the o The programme started with Project Possum in 2011 and evolved to include them humanely, and how to skin possums and machine and hand pluck their fur. It may pay for you to skin it not pluck it!! September 2019. 1. Fox Red fox We recommend you try the woven beanie, cable beanie with a rabbit fur pom pom or the “spiral” if you are looking for a hand kitted cable look. They also buy frozen green skins tacking out the good ones and sliping the worst Possum Fur Moccasin Slippers The slippers are hand-made of the finest materials, possum fur inside and split suede outside, and are designed for inside use, therefore, do not have a rubber sole. Sep 11, 2019 · The young possum seems to be doing well and stayed at the vet overnight before being transferred to a wildlife carer. Hand Plucking: This method is suitable for possums that have been live trapped or shot as they must be plucked when the carcass is still warm. Possum Fur Raw Edge Jacket From NZD $1,699. Aug 14, 2012 · AMONG the thicket of New Zealand's perennial debate on 1080, pest control and TB reduction, the latent, multi-million dollar potential of the possum fur industry can go unnoticed. The simple life has freed us to enjoy each precious day, as we make our living from the New Zealand bush. We are in the market for Possum skins as mentioned above. The tail fur is seperate I wouldn,t bother you would need a lot of tails for a kilo. De-limb (chop the little knubby legs off) the possum and cut the meat into 1/2 inch square chunks. You will just need a few special crafting tools and materials to get started. You can buy hand-carders to mix the two fibres together yourself, or send the  One way is to hand-pluck the possum while it is still warm and another is to remove the fur from the skin with chemicals. There is not a ridge or gully in the South Island that Robin has not traversed –and there are many good stories to go with those invaluable experiences. It is a pity to waste the harvest. Nov 18, 2015 · Through a mix of theory and practice, students learn about the different types of traps and lures, how to set and secure humane traps, how often to clear them, and how to skin a possum and pluck its fur by hand or with machines. Jun 21, 2011 · With fur fetching $135 a kilogram, the more possums he can get his hands on the better. Shay Williamson During the course they were taught to skin, hand pluck and machine pluck possum fur, dry and tack out skins, make lures, set leg hold traps on a trap line in Shedwoods Bush, and kill possums humanely. The fur is plucked from dead possums and blended with wool or mohair to create a soft, light fibre used to make clothing. but you'd only get 100-150 if you plucked them. Marinate overnight in a mixture of meat marinade and soy sauce. It can be done by hand although possum plucking machines do exist. Visit Our Website To See Our Complete Selection Of Quality Opossum Furs and Skins For Sale From Glacier Wear. Get top prices for your possum fur and skins. Watkinson noted that the possum will need some hand-rearing before being released back into the wild. For many years, this luxury fibre was only available in small quantities in New Zealand, knitted by hand for hardy locals who knew and respected the secret qualities of possum merino. Hand stripping is a type of grooming method that dog owners use to remove excess hair from their dog’s coat. This is easiest when the body is still warm, but can be done cold too. People credited with this unit standard are able to: hand pluck  27 Apr 2020 Is it worth taking the freshly killed carcass and plucking it before letting her You can pluck the majority of the possum, depends who is buying your fur, a joint in their hand on the drivers side of a car near the Everything you wanted to know about our possum fur, possum merino, They, ahem, have to be mercifully despatched first and then hand plucked while still  If you have Antler you would like to sell, contact us as above. But a popular method these days is to use  However, preparing possum fur, expectations, and the overall procedure can be Possum, everything involved in the fur trading field, before it trades hands in the Two ways to remove the fur from the possum are plucking or skinning. This is a slow process and I'd rather skin them. Sometimes I pluck cold, dead possums.